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The idea of remodeling or adding onto your home is exciting and thrillings.  I process, now that may be more intimidating.  The experienced and  professional staff at Carr Trumbull Lumber know what it takes from start to finish to help you wade through the process.  From a vision to a reality, we can help realize the mood, tone and feel you wnat in your next project.  Match textures, colors, surfaces and flooring, to help ensure you have continuity and flow that matches your home and families personality. 

We carry a wide variety of cabinets, tile, flooring, fixtures and more to help meet your price point and your budget.  No project is too big or too small for our staff. 


 Cabinets, flooring, paint, tile...texture, color, mood.  These are all things that can be scary and overwhelming when it comes to your new or remodeled elements of your house.  Brenda, our resident expert is here to help you navigate the process of balancing your style with functionality and flow.  There isn't a project she hasn't tackled and mastered.

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For the bigger projects, CTL Design has partnered with Shaul Designs LLC to ease the flow of blue print and floor plan management.  With practical first hand experience in construction, they know HOW to make your dreams a reality.





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